Approaching Product MVP

This post was initially written and published as a newsletter on July 12, 2021

It’s been exactly one month since the first commit on the Canopy Charts project, which back then I was just calling “the charts project.” A lot has happened since then, including, most importantly, building enough of a prototype to prove that the concept works. The technical risk is mostly gone, now I just have to build it 🙂

I’m beyond just the prototype now, and almost to a point where the tool is ready to be published on the web for people to use. There is a little polishing to do, a little interface design, but the core features are there. You can build a chart quickly and visually in the editor, and then publish it to your site and power it with your own data using an open source library and one line of code.

As part of the launch I also want to put together some material explaining the tool, what problem it solves, how to use it, etc. I’ll be working on that in the coming days along with a layer of UI that makes using the tool more intuitive.

I’m super excited about this project 🎉 It checks off some key items in the list of things I want to be true about the first company I start:

  • Low-touch SaaS
  • Solves a problem I have
  • B2B

There will be more to see in the next couple weeks as I work on presentation for the initial launch. Thanks for reading!




A visual editor for building and deploying dynamic charts

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Canopy Charts

Canopy Charts

A visual editor for building and deploying dynamic charts

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